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Cell Counters



The LUNA-STEM™ is a dual fluorescence automated cell counter that measures cell number and viability.
The most advanced fluorescence optics and analysis software enables the LUNA-STEM™ to accurately count nucleated and
non-nucleated cells such as stem cells and cells in the stromal vascular fraction (SVF), setting itself apart from other cell counters.

The LUNA-STEM™, integrated with dual fluorescence as well as bright field optics, is a giant leap forward for automated cell counting
and viability analysis. Using two dyes, Acridine Orange (AO) & Propidium Iodide (PI), the LUNA-STEM™ provides sensitive and accurate
data for almost all cell types, especially stem cells and SVF cells.

With the LUNA-STEM™, all nucleated and non-nucleated cells are counted and analyzed. For example, the LUNA-STEM™ can detect
and analyze the various SVF nucleated cells (adipocytes, blood cells, and others) and non-nucleated cells (RBCs, microvascular elements,
and others), which is currently an impossibility for other cell counters.