The Thermostat system with Air lifter vessel is designed specifically for any cells or microbial sensitive to the shearing force. Hence with the skinny vessel design and the impeller-free agitation system. This bioreactor system is perfect for any photosynthetic culture and biofuel research that require extensive and high quality light source. Theunique agitator-free design also helps cells to circulate within the vessel without breaking their morphology.

  • Micro-sparger and adjustable draft tube to facilitate water circulation and achieve high aeration efficiencies
  • Single wall or double jacketed vessels available
  • Color touch screen and graphical user interface for easy operation
  • Real-time trend data recording ensures best fermentation performance
  • 2-stage DO cascade for precise DO (dissolved oxygen) level control
  • Ethernet remote control ability allows you to navigate and operate your fermentation process from your desktop
  • No additional software required
  • Quick connectors for easy operation
  • 4 built-in assignable and programmable peristaltic pumps for automatic pH, antifoam and feeding control
  • Automatic process allows you to set up your 15 steps programmable control
  • Manual process allows you to run individual parameters independently
  • Photobioreactor lighting module (optional) for your photosynthesis reaction
  • Full accessories are offered as a standard package