Hybridization oven is the preferred technique for hybridization in today's laboratory. Incubation takes place inside the oven, under constant rotation, ensuring even distribution of probe solution over the membrane. While there are other solutions available for hybridization applications, hybridization ovens offer better agitation and higher throughput. They also require less volume per membrane area, resulting in savings for labs. Applications include: · Molecular Biology Assays · Southern (DNA) Hybridizations · Northern (RNA) Hybridizations · Western Blot HP-11 is a cost-effective, high performance, stackable, multifunctional hybridization oven with state-of-theart microprocessor which ensures very well controlled temperature and variable speed.

If used as a hybridization oven:

HP‐11 is supplied with a unique 10‐place rotisserie which holds 35mm bottles as well as 50ml and 15ml centrifuge tubes. This oven is perfect for all of your hybridization needs. A complete line of hybridization accessories are available.

If used as an incubator:

HP‐11 supplied with two optional shelves is ideally used as an incubator because of wide temperature range and excellent temperature uniformity.

If used as a Rocker

HP‐11 is supplied with an optional rocking platform, which ensures uniform temperature control and stability. It is an ideal choice for an extensive range of applications including in situ hybridizations, static microbial culture and blot probing and washing. It’s also perfect for all application requiring shaking in a temperature controlled environment.