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Ice Machines



An automatic Ice machine for your hygenic Ice flakes requirement in research laboratories, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical, biotechnolgical and hotel industries. The machine utilises running tap water and converts it in the form of ice flakes continuously. It is a compact, self contained unit, covering less floor area & easily installable.

Constructions :- Ice flaker is housed in styled M.S painted body with stainless steel made bin with no changes of corrosion. Ice crusher used is GERMAN CRUSHER made of S.S. to give life long performance. Water is introduced into crusher assembly through a precision float valve. The inflow of water is smoothly controlled by this float valve for maintaining a required lave of water irrespective of varriation in pressure at the water input line with automatic cut off in case of low water / no water supply.

Ice flakes are collected into a well-insulated/(PUF) stainless steel container. So it stays for longer time. The removal of flakes is easily possible through the stainelss steel front/top door which can be pushed while removing the ice. Morever the equipment fitted with an IC LEVEL CONTROLLER which will put off the system in case ice gets accumulated in the container move than the required level. Hence, there is no need of an operator being on the machine all the time. The ice controller is provided with a drain line for occasional cleaning of the container. .