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Automatic Programmable Control System
User-friendly programmable control system enables you to preprogram a drying protocol including all segments from drying to defrosting (only for Pilot Freeze Dryer), to start a run quickly, and to realize automatic control of different ramping and segments in order to meet different temperature protocols.


Shelf Heating System
Temperature controlled by forceful circulation of cooling medium inside shelves ensures better temperature uniformity and faster drying speed.


Pre-freezing System
You can pre-freeze your sample in the chamber which avoids cumbersome sample transfer from separate freezer to freeze dryer, more economic and time-saving (for Pilot Freeze Dryer).


Defrosting System
Automatic defrosting system for fast defrosting of cold trap makes higher drying efficiency possible.


Automatic Pure Nitrogen Gas Purge System (for biological samples)
Automatic purge system protects samples from contamination of the counter-flow of vacuum pump oil and oxidation of oxygen-sensitive samples by inserting sterilized nitrogen gas once vacuum pump quits working.


Safe Stoppering Device
For the purpose of permanent preservation, sample in vials can be sealed under a vacuum state by integrated capping device, which consists an option guides shelves down, and a rotating sealing device to seal the sample safely and precisely.


High performance Vacuum Pump with vacuum backfilling function
Vacuum backfilling function is a protective interlock system between vacuum pump and automatic purge system. Once vacuum pump quits working, automatic purge system is triggered to prevent vacuum oil counter-flow into vacuum tubing system. High performance vacuum pump speeds up the removal of moisture and enhances the cooling capacity of freeze dryer.


High Capacity Compressor with Start-up Delay Function
High capacity refrigeration compressor maximizes the condensing capability of cold trap. Start-up delay function minimizes damage to compressor and prolongs its working life.


1.5 Km Remote Control

Easy to monitor drying parameters and control freeze dryer from an external PC in a different room.


Comprehensive accessories accommodating most application demands.
Our comprehensive accessories also contribute to our customer-friendliness. They especially make our instruments very adaptable and their operation economical.