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Mobile LAF


Conditions of use

The transfer trolley is used for the storage and the transfer of products that are sensitive to contamination, between two class A areas, and through a class C area.

Working principle

A laminar air flow class ISO 5 ( ISO 14644-1) is blown horizontally from the blowing plenum, towards the loading door, thus swiping the area where the products are stored (shelves and trays), and maintaining a positive pressure within the transfer trolley greater than the pressure in the surrounding room, thus avoiding any cross contamination. The transfer trolleys are equipped with a system of electrical plug / embarked battery UPS, that maintain the laminar flow conditions in the transfer trolley at all times. The battery level is monitored via a charge indicator.


The transfer trolley is equipped with two tubular handles, fixed wheels on the front and directional wheels on the back, and may be operated either when plugged to the electrical network, or via its embarked battery. When fully loaded, the moving of the transfer trolley remains easy.