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Plant Growth Chambers


Plant Growth Chamber is one of the most highly recommended product of APS instruments. It provides wide range of benefits which is absolutely idle for environmental studies especially for flower and plant growth. Many area of plant research require the use of a controlled environment and with the help of this a plant’s response to different conditions can be monitored.


Its in built Standard propagation techniques can be helpful to speed up the growth cabinet as well as for achieving a higher success rate and apart form that micro propagation is being used for a growth cabinet which is essential for rooting the plantlets and adapting them to normal conditions.


This plant growth cabinet is ideal for all routine propagation and research applications. With a solid see thru double walled door and a full view inner plexi-glass door enables inspection and monitoring of inner chamber specimens without disturbing the process temperature. For external door it has excellent quality magnetic has been used with packing door gasket.  It’s unique User oriented designs of shelves will help you to adjust each space of shelves without facing any problem.


For any forced air circulation at triple walled is backed by durable coaxial blower which also maintains optimum temperature uniformity and homogeneity.  This instrument’s Foamed-in-Place PUF insulation is nothing but ensures thermal stability and above all it also reduces electrical energy consumption.  Taking into account for easier portability it is mounted on caster wheels. You need not to worry about the safeness of this machine because its front double walled door is provided with an arrangement of lock and a key.


Illumination lamp is fitted inside the chamber for easy visibility and also finned with tube evaporator that facilitates uniform and faster cooling effects. In any case of overheating our product has one Safety Thermostat and that’s not all Plant Growth Chamber is also fitted with electronic digital meter. For artificial daylight conditions, it has a fluorescent lamps/tubes account which illuminates the exterior part. It works on 220/230 Volts AC (50/60 Hz frequency).





Forced Convection Type

Temperature Range

Ambient +5°C to 60°C

Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Creation

Through sophisticated steam injection process

Humidity Controller

Digital Humidity Indicator-cum-Controller

Humidity Range

5% above ambient from 40% to 95%RH at cool temperatures

Humidity Accuracy


MOC Outer

Powder coated CRC Steel Sheet

MOC Inner

Chamber and trays made of Stainless Steel (SS-304)


Over temperature limiter switch prevents overheating


High density mineral wool insulation for tighter temperature controls

Communication Port (OPTION)

With PC interface and software (Option)

Controller (Humidity & Temperature)

Fitted with Microprocessor based controller with following features:
·  16x2 line (32 characters) alphanumeric backlit LCD display
·  Membrane keyboard with tactile feedback
·  Data (Temperature, humidity and light levels) storage upto 2500 events.
·  Programmable time interval.
·  Real Time Clock
·  Watch Dog Timer
·  Audio/Visual alarm for temperature deviation from set values .
·  Temperature sensors : PT-100 (Resolution 0.10C)
·  Humidity Sensors : Capacitive.
·  Program Lock to avoid any changes in control parameters by unauthorized people.
·  Programmable time intervals for temperature and humidity .
·  Total 9 Programmes



LCD Display for set value(SV) and process value(PV)

Illumination (OPTION)

Interior illumination with fluorescent light programmable watch dog timer having fivelight level controls (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) through a variable time interval

Electrical Supply

220/230V AC, 50/60Hz

High Voltage Protection

Through automatic voltage stabilizer supplied with the unit. (For drastic and sudden fluctuation in incoming Voltage and frequency, we strongly recommend use of any good make servo controlled voltage stabilizer.)